Every IT security organization has the same goal – to make it impossible for attackers to penetrate their environment. The approach they take to achieve that goal varies widely – they can achieve this goal by applying the principles of least privilege, following cybersecurity compliance mandates, and by implementing commercial cybersecurity software solutions. The need for Windows privilege management continues to grow, as more businesses become victims of breaches. In fact, removing administrator rights from users could have mitigated 94% of critical vulnerabilities reported by Microsoft in 2016. One of the critical success factors in mitigating risks associated with over privileged users, and malicious or vulnerable software, is doing so on every platform in your environment – Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac devices as well as other networking equipment. And while it’s one thing to address excessive privileges on an end-user’s day to day client or server machine, or on devices with a lot of software on them, it’s the often times overlooked on machines used for a single purpose (i.e. kiosks, ATMs, slot machines, etc.) that can be the biggest risks to privilege abuse. PowerBroker for Windows is a privilege management solution that gives you unmatched visibility and control over physical and virtual desktops and servers. With PowerBroker for Windows, you can:
  • Reduce attack surfaces by removing admin rights from end users and employing fine-grained policy controls for all privileged access, without disrupting productivity.
  • Monitor and audit sessions for unauthorized access and/or changes to files and directories.
  • Analyze behavior to detect suspicious user, account and asset activity.
For more information on how protect your Windows privileged accounts, download our latest white paper, ‘7 Steps of a Cyber Attack and What You Can do to Protect your Windows Privileged Accounts.’