Today, we’re excited to announce new releases of both our Retina vulnerability assessment technology and the BeyondInsight risk management platform. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new in Retina. Retina v5.20 is an update to the vulnerability assessment engine that drives Retina Network Security Scanner and Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management. The release extends Retina’s scanning capabilities for web, virtual and network environments, representing another step in our quest to bring customers Zero-Gap visibility into their IT security risks. New Web Essentials Module for Additional OWASP Coverage To start, we now offer an optional Web Essentials module for customers using Retina CS or the standard edition of Retina Network Security Scanner. The module increases the solutions’ OWASP Top 10 coverage and adds several enhanced discovery capabilities. For customers requiring specialized, dynamic assessments of custom web applications, and full OWASP coverage, we’re continuing to offer Retina Web Security Scanner. Also, with this release, all versions of Retina have been updated to include the underlying web application assessment technology from Retina Web Security Scanner. Check out the Retina v5.20 New Features Overview for a comparison of web application scanning capabilities across the Retina family of solutions. New Audits for the VMware ESXi and vCenter Hardening Guidelines On the virtual front, Retina adds over 100 new audits to conduct remote checks of the security measures outlined in VMware’s Security Hardening Guides for ESXi virtualization servers and the vCenter management console. The new Retina capabilities help customers ensure their virtual environments adhere to the secure configuration best practices recommended by VMware. Enhanced, Class-A Scalability for Individual Retina Scan Engines We’ve rounded out the major updates in the Retina release by adding horsepower to our scanning engine, enabling each instance of Retina to scan Class-A networks with millions of IP addresses. Combine a few scanning engines under Retina CS, and you can cover any size environment. Retina is also sharing the love by bringing the same turbocharged asset discovery capabilities to most BeyondTrust PowerBroker privileged account management customers as part of the BeyondInsight™ IT Risk Management Platform. That’s just the start of it. There are also new UNIX/Linux assessment capabilities, platform support updates, and more. Again, check out the Retina v5.20 New Features Overview for full details. Ready for a test drive? Request a free trial of Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management or Retina Network Security Scanner today.