caution-blogpostToday, we’re excited to announce new releases of both our Retina vulnerability assessment technology and the BeyondInsight risk management platform. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new in BeyondInsight. With the release of BeyondInsight v5.3, BeyondTrust solutions that come equipped with the centralized BeyondInsight management, analytics and reporting console now benefit from several additional platform capabilities. Increased Scan Engine Scalability for Asset Discovery and Profiling All BeyondInsight solutions now benefit from the boosted scalability of Retina v5.20’s discovery engine – each instance of which can discover and profile Class-A networks with millions of IP addresses. Even PowerBroker privilege and password management customers who don’t have BeyondInsight activated for vulnerability management (via Retina CS) are able to take advantage of the technology’s robust asset discovery and profiling capabilities. New Management and Integration Capabilities for PowerBroker Password Safe and PowerBroker for Windows Customers BeyondInsight v5.3 also brings several new management capabilities to PowerBroker Password Safe customers, including Active Directory platform support, advanced API management, support for VMware’s vSphere Web API, and more. At the same time, PowerBroker for Windows customers gain third-party SNMP integration capabilities for feeding SIEM solutions with a consolidated stream of vulnerability and least-privilege events. Integrated Web Application Scanning for Retina CS Customers Today, we are also announcing Retina vulnerability assessment updates via Retina v5.20, which introduces an updated web application scanning engine and an optional Web Essentials module. In addition, customers using Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management can now leverage the BeyondInsight console to manage, schedule and report on web application vulnerability assessments – gaining a centralized view of risk across all major threat vectors. Behavioral Analytics Technology Preview Last, but most definitely not least, is a technology preview of BeyondInsight’s new behavioral analytics engine. The new capability will enable customers to identify and classify anomalies in user and asset behaviors based on real-time data aggregated from BeyondInsight-enabled solutions including: The resulting analytics will be delivered through several new reports. There’s much more coming here. All I can say for now is “stay tuned.” In the meantime, you can find a few more details in the BeyondInsight v5.3 New Features Overview. Not a BeyondTrust customer yet? We offer free trials of several of our privilege and vulnerability management solutions, so why not get started now?