As IT environments grow increasingly more complex, giving employees the necessary amount of privileges becomes even more of a headache. As a result, many companies take the ‘easy route’ by wantonly provisioning admin rights. However, this shortcut severely shortchanges security, and consequently, puts enterprises at jeopardy of security breaches and failed audits.

The Privilege Problem

As the average global cost of a data breach nudges up to $4 million, and the volume and sophistication of attacks continue their upward trajectory, IT security professionals are under pressure to stay one step ahead of malicious threats. And today, privilege is highly sought after by threat actors and plays a role in almost every breach event:

So, what can organizations do to prevent a breach?

A Seamless Solution from BeyondTrust + McAfee ePO

BeyondTrust EndPoint Privilege Management enables organizations to efficiently remove admin rights, without impacting users. The solution features policy-based rules that allow application privileges to be elevated without elevating the user to an administrator. This is the ideal approach to enforcing least privilege across endpoints, dramatically reducing enterprise-wide risk.

BeyondTrust’s solution is fully integrated with ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), McAfee’s centralized platform for security management and orchestration. This integration provides customers with unprecedented visibility and control over endpoint and user-related risks. Organizations benefit from seamless data sharing and centralization of security data for more holistic risk visibility, so they can rapidly identify and close gaps, and optimize security operations.

You can check out the 2-minute video below for a brief overview.

Additionally, BeyondTrust’s Endpoint Privilege Management solution is OpenDXL Ready and fully integrated with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange – allowing you to make informed policy changes with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) reputation data and easy access to VirusTotal information.

BeyondTrust was recognized by McAfee as their Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) Partner of the Year for both 2018 and 2017. The integration of our best-of-breed privileged access management (PAM) solutions with McAfee solutions helps our joint customers rapidly and efficiently reduce the threat surface. Our McAfee ePO integration is certified by McAfee to ensure your Endpoint Privilege Management deployment using ePO is well supported by both McAfee and BeyondTrust.

Visit our dedicated McAfee integration page to learn more.

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