If you work in IT, you’ve likely been counting down to National IT Pro Day, an annual event in which your end-users honor the awe inspiring commitment and dedication exhibited by you and your team on a daily basis. Ok, that last part might be a stretch, but even if your end-users don’t know what today signifies, Bomgar has you covered.

To recognize the achievements of those toiling on the IT frontlines, we recently polled our customer community to learn what’s top of mind and how they withstand even the most challenging of days. Read on for their thoughts on a variety of hard-hitting topics.

 IT Hero Alter Ego

We all know that working in IT is not unlike being a superhero—it’s a high pressure job where outcomes are often uncertain, and efforts rarely result in praise. So, with which character do our customers most identify?

  1. Batman was the most popular choice, most Insiders pointing to the Caped Crusader as their IT hero alter ego. His repository of gadgets was the reason most commonly cited (although his access to unlimited funds also factored prominently).
  2. Captain America came next, with his integrity noted as a primary factor. As one customer put it, “Captain America always does the right thing, even if it’s not the popular thing.”
  3. While not technically a superhero, Game of Thrones character Jon Snow was the choice of a few Insiders. Why? “I didn’t ask for this, it was thrust upon me. I’m not interested in acclaim or applause. I’ll defend the North (well, the office anyway) until my last dying breath.”
  4. Superman also received a few votes (“Because I’m awesome like that”)
  5. And our last few Insiders pointed to Spiderman (“I’m just an ordinary man doing incredible things in tights”)

 Super Skills

There’s more to being an IT pro than just being good with technology. When we asked our Insiders what the most underappreciated skill that was necessary in the IT world, nearly almost half pointed to patience. Next came the ability to troubleshoot everything—a malfunctioning coffee-maker, a blown fuse in the kitchen, the list goes on. And finally, the importance of a sense of humor can’t be overstated, with a quarter of the Insiders saying it’s vital to their job.

 A Hero’s Gotta Eat…

All that putting out existing fires and preventing new ones works up quite an appetite. When hunger strikes, our respondents expressed a strong preference for pizza, energy drinks and/or coffee was a solid second, and Doritos fell into a close third!

 Keep Calm and IT On

Jon Snow certainly had his share of bad days, and life is no walk in the park for other IT heroes- imaginary and otherwise. So how do our respondents get through a tough day?

 The answer: Vacation time—evidently, even the most frustrating challenge becomes less irritating when you’re sitting poolside! Support from other team members was another popular choice, with some saying it’s IT colleagues who see them through the tough times while others their sorrows at happy hour.

Tech Dreamin’

We asked respondents what technology innovation they’re most excited for, and more than half said security training that users actually listen to. This was followed by telepathic password management, foolproof file management, and training a robot to do their job.

  If you’re an IT pro, take a moment today to enjoy some well-earned R&R—whether it’s grabbing a slice of pizza, daydreaming about your upcoming PTO or maybe even starting happy hour a bit early. After all, even Batman has to unwind sometimes! On behalf of all of us at Bomgar, thanks for all that you do to keep your organization running and your end-users productive. Happy National IT Pro Day—today, and every day!