Audit Privileged Unix & Linux Accounts I am pleased to announce the 5.5 version of PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite, our solution to centralize real-time change auditing, restore Active Directory objects or attributes, and establish and enforce entitlements across AD and file systems. Version 5.5 adds several capabilities that further enhance simplicity and usability. Please read below for a summary of new features.

RESTful Web Service Improves Automation

After security, automation is a leading concern for IT organizations as it enables them to achieve the efficiency, speed, accuracy and consistent output needed to scale their businesses. With version 5.5, PowerBroker Auditor and Recovery for Active Directory helps IT organizations achieve greater levels of automation with the addition of a REST API to automate agent deployment, restore deleted objects or roll back unwanted changes to existing objects. This enhancement ensures that administrators will save time maintaining their auditing and recovery solutions. For a representation of this enhancement, please see the screenshot below. REST API to Automate Tasks

FSMO Auditing Provides Visibility into Important Roles

The FSMO roles in an Active Directory environment are critical to the infrastructure. There can be times when these roles are migrated from aging hardware during upgrades, transferred during planned network maintenance, or switched during disaster recovery testing. Because of their importance, when these roles are moved administrators must be made aware to determine if the operation was planned. In version 5.5 of PowerBroker Auditor, any changes to the five FMSO roles will be audited and can be alerted on. This capability ensures that organizations have the visibility into potentially unwanted changes. For a representation of this new auditing capability, please see the screenshot below. FSMO Role Auditing

Re-Designed and Customized Reporting Provides Greater Flexibility

PowerBroker Auditor version 5.5 provides more flexibility around user-customizable reports – including themes, layout and synchronizing reports with audit views. The product still leverages Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for report subscription and automated delivery. For a representation of these new capabilities, please see the screenshot below. Customize Reporting

TLS 1.2 Support Enhances Database Security

Security is a leading concern for all organizations. When attackers gain access to an organization they are primarily after data. In an effort to enhance security many are configuring their databases to only accept secure connections; in particular, only permitting connections to a SQL server that leverages the TLS 1.2 protocol. In PowerBroker Auditor 5.5, the updated database driver allows for more secure communication in environments where SQL is configured to only accept TLS 1.2 connections. Please see an example of this capability in the screenshot below. TLS 1.2 security protocol support For BeyondTrust customers, please be sure to review the latest Release Notes available in the Customer Portal for more on this new release. Or, check out the New Features Overview.