Yesterday, we shared our most popular blogs for 2017. Today, we are sharing a ranked list of our most popular webinars (you can now watch them all on-demand).

BeyondTrust hosts a robust cybersecurity webinar program, with 2017 featuring 75 webinars watched by tens of thousands of IT, security, and compliance professionals. Our expert guest speakers each bring unique experiences and areas of expertise, which provides fertile ground for helping cybersecurity professionals better understand increasingly complex and fast-moving security and compliance challenges. Many of our live webinars provide the added benefit of qualifying as CPE credit.

As we compiled the list, a few salient themes stood out. For 2017, the most popular topics could be roughly grouped around:

We are already building out a webinar schedule of compelling cybersecurity topics (we welcome you to submit your topic ideas here) featuring a mix of our best independent thought leaders from 2017 and the addition of some new faces for the New Year, but there’s still time to level-up your cybersecurity chops for 2018. Start with our top-20 most in-demand webinars of 2017. The list…

  1. Hacker Techniques for Bypassing Existing Antivirus Solutions & How to Build a Defense with Least Privilege
  2. Configuring Linux and Macs to Use Active Directory for Users, Groups, Kerberos Authentication and even Group Policy AD
  3. How to Attack a Linux System + Ways to Detect and Respond Swiftly
  4. How Hackers & Pen Testers Check for Misconfigurations & Vulnerabilities
  5. Advanced Windows OS Tracing and Monitoring Techniques
  6. Linux Security: Top Files and Directories to Monitor in Linux to Catch Attackers
  7. Pre-empting Mimikatz Attacks on Privileged Accounts Using Password Isolation Human Presence MFA
  8. Auditing an Attack: 5 Ways to Spot Attacker Activity within AD
  9. Avoiding the 10 Deadliest (and Most Common) Sins for Securing Windows
  10. Are You Managing Vulnerabilities, or Are They Managing You
  11. Lessons Learned from Equifax + Your Best Defense for the Next Cyber Attack (hint: Passwords!)
  12. The Dark and Bright Side of Enterprise Password Management
  13. The Little Password That Could: How a Reused Password Could Dismantle Your Entire Enterprise
  14. Vulnerability Management: How to Think Like a Hacker to Reduce Risk in 2017
  15. Active Directory Auditing 2017: Get the Auditors Off Your Back, in 1 Hour or Less
  16. Introduction to Windows Server 2016 Just-In-Time (JIT) Administration
  17. Windows Accounts Hackers Covet Most, Tricks They Use, & How You Win on Defense
  18. Understanding Proxy-Based Privileged Password/Session Management
  19. The Top 3 Linux Security Vulnerabilities (and How to Fix Them)
  20. Preventing Petya and Other Types of Ransomware