We checked out which BeyondTrust blogs from 2017 received the most traffic, and we’ve linked to each of them below. These 10 blogs reflect a good cross-section of what was important to us in 2017—from cybersecurity trends, to prominent security fails, to compliance issues coming into sharper focus, to security best practices, to our musings on what to expect in 2018. We’re on the cusp of a New Year. Everyone’s busy wrapping up—so, we’re not even going to put these in reverse countdown order (we’ll leave that activity for New Year’s Eve). We’ll start right from the top. Easy-peasy (and to be lucidly clear, we mean easy-peasy as in “simple”, not the Linux-based OS for netbooks). Without further adieu…
  1. WannaCry Ransomware Attack Explained – Makes Me Wanna Cry…
  2. Controlling Unix & Linux Account Privileges: 9 Best Practices
  3. WannaCry – Happening Now, Worldwide Ransomware Attack
  4. Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018 (+ 5-Year Predictions, too!)
  5. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 5 Ways to Compliance
  6. The Equifax Data Breach and PCI DSS: Let’s Be Blunt
  7. What is the Difference Between a Threat Actor, Hacker and Attacker?
  8. 10 Steps to Stop Lateral Movement in Data Breaches
  9. Kaspersky Lead Incident Investigator in Russia Arrested – What it Could Mean for the Security Industry
  10. Use Cases for Governing Privileged Accounts and Business Users