Many will start the new year off with personal resolutions to get back to the gym, learn a new skill or save up for that home repair. But let’s not forget the professional resolutions – and for ever-busier IT staffs, 2018 holds the potential to become a year filled with new individual or IT department progress thanks to setting goals for implementing new technology and training. 

We polled our Bomgar Insiders to ask them what they were most looking forward to achieving in 2018, and what they’ve resolved to accomplish in the year ahead. Let’s take a look!

Lots of Insiders were all about upgrading their skill set or those of colleagues via training:

Others shared the broader business objectives they have in mind:

Then there were the IT pros who shared their personal professional achievements resolutions:

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And finally, here’s to the Insider who shared a resolution I think everyone can get on board with:

 Patch the black hole where hours of my day go and take some time off.

 We hope every has a great start to the new year – see you in 2018!