BeyondTrust is pleased to announce the 5.4 release of Privilege Management for Windows and Mac (PMWM) (formerly Avecto Defendpoint), our market-leading solution for enabling users and administrators to work securely and efficiently on desktops and servers—without the need for local admin rights. The release of Privilege Management 5.4 introduces:

  • The ability to manage privileges for Microsoft Windows servers, Windows desktops, and Apple MacOS assets from our comprehensive platform, BeyondInsight
  • The functionality to allow non-admin users to selectively install and uninstall applications in the /Applications/directory, empowering users to manage their own installs and upgrades in a policy-control manner alongside BeyondTrust and 3rd-party solutions
  • A new name, branding, and logos

BeyondInsight Integration

The BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform sets the standard for delivering the unified visibility and control required to reduce security risk across user, account, and asset environments. Included with several BeyondTrust solutions for privilege management and vulnerability management, BeyondInsight provides a centralized management and reporting environment that reduces complexity and increases efficiency for IT and security teams. This is backed by analytics capabilities that identify advanced persistent threats and other “hidden” risks by correlating and analyzing behavioral and environmental data from a variety of BeyondTrust and third-party security solutions, like SailPoint, ServiceNow, and McAfee.

BeyondInsight can be deployed on a hardened physical or virtual appliance, on premise or in your AWS, Azure, or Google private cloud, enabling the management of BeyondTrust and 3rd-party solutions.

Key capabilities with this integration:

  • Create and host policies in BeyondInsight using an integrated privileged access management approach for policies, events, and reporting for managing BeyondTrust and 3rd party solutions
  • Deploy stacked user and asset-based policies using Smart Group and Smart Rules to target individual assets and users that need privileges allowing elevated granular control across the organization
  • Full auditing and visibility of privilege activity and application usage through fully integrated reporting dashboards, event grids, and insights into the use of privileges
  • Create new rules for discovered applications and activities by importing directly from event data, allowing instant access to audit data to quickly respond to policy change requirements
Figure 1: BeyondInsight – Privilege Management for Windows/Mac Integration

Additional Mac Enhancements

In addition to the BeyondInsight integration, Privilege Management for Mac version 5.4 includes the following enhancements:

  • Ability to allow non-admin users to selectively install and uninstall applications in the /Applications/ directory, empowering users to manage their own installs and upgrades in a policy-control manner
  • Functional improvements to process management to improve stability and performance
  • New workstyle filter to target work styles at specific computers based on the host name, IP address, or IP range
Install/uninstall applications in the MacOSX /Applications/directory

Please review the Endpoint Privilege Management documentation for additional details on these important enhancements.

Privilege Management for Windows and Mac is ready for upgrades or installs with current management platforms or with the BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform.

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