Flexibility. You can’t overstate the importance of flexibility in both delivering solutions to complex IT problems, and in responding nimbly to threats. That’s what the cloud brings: flexibility. It was with flexibility in mind that we released the first privileged access management and vulnerability management platform available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace in September 2016, and it is with flexibility in mind that today we join the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as well. Our customers should expect this type of strategy and innovation from the overall Leader in the 2016 Forrester Privileged Identity Management Wave. In fact, Microsoft as well has validated this approach. The BeyondTrust Azure instance is supported by a Bring Your Own Licensing (BYOL) that can be used with:

Announcement Enhances Cloud Strategy

While this announcement represents a new offering for BeyondTrust and our platform (currently also available as software, virtual and physical appliances, and in the Amazon AWS Marketplace), it significantly enhances our strategy in the cloud by providing the necessary resources to manage cloud instances, cloud services, and cloud applications. This means that customers can use our industry-unique cloud connectors for managing other cloud instances and passwords, and not only for Azure. Cloud platform support includes:

Why this Announcement Matters to our Customers

For any business considering moving to the cloud, avoiding more on premise technology, or trying to manage a vast number of roaming laptops or remote employees, this offering is for you. By enabling BeyondTrust’s privileged access management and vulnerability management solutions in the cloud, we can meet objectives for a rapid deployment, secure access, and a cost effective solution to eliminate the threats of excessive privileged access. For direct access to the Microsoft Azure, please visit the Azure Marketplace. To obtain new licenses for your Azure instance, please contact BeyondTrust Sales.