BeyondTrust is pleased to announce the 2.2 release of the Defendpoint iC3 Management Console, which powers our market-leading solution for enabling users and administrators to work securely and efficiently without the need for Windows or Mac admin rights, on desktops and servers. The release of iC3 2.2 brings a host of hardening, scalability, and performance improvements.

While BeyondTrust offers leading management capabilities via GPO and McAfee’s ePO, the demand for an independent web management console is higher than ever. iC3 gives security, infrastructure, and desktop engineering teams the freedom to manage Defendpoint for Windows and Mac, without dependence on other teams or systems. Enabling them to update and manage policies in the most complex environments, from 200 assets to 200,000, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, real-time analytics and reporting allow your teams to stay on top of always-changing business needs and the threat landscape.

While iC3 can be deployed on-premise, it has set the bar for managing a least privilege solution from the cloud. As the market shift continues its rapid migration to cloud and businesses continue to drive more and more critical applications out of their data centers, the need for a scalable and secure solution for securing endpoint privileges is stronger than ever. For either AWS or Azure, iC3 takes full advantage of the ease of management and connectivity that cloud offers, while not compromised on the security and scalability organizations demand.


iC3 uses a sophisticated architecture built for scalability based on Microsoft’s Service Fabric. This created a highly scalable and resilient solution with very little management overhead. With the release of iC3 2.2, organizations can now deploy up to 200,000 Defendpoint agents across a global estate. Though iC3 was always designed for scale, for this release, we took our hardening and load testing to a new level. Through experience working with some of the largest global firms and innovative testing capabilities, we obsessed over hammering the solution in the most extreme conditions.


With this release, we put a laser focus on applying the experience we’ve gained from hundreds of thousands of endpoints deployed to account for the most challenging scenarios and edge cases to ensure you can secure your environment with ease. This includes installs, upgrades, and normal operations. Now the millions of events are more evenly distributed across all available nodes, poll times and CPU backoffs are more intelligent and handle spikes in activity, and more.


Lastly, iC3 2.2 is faster and more responsive than ever. When securing endpoints and critical servers for hundreds of thousands of users and admins, you have to be able to move quickly. Deployment of an IT security solution should not slow down your business. When you need to make a critical policy update or analyze data to look for anomalies across your global estate, the solution should respond at the speed you need. With the release of iC3 2.2, improving performance was key. Some activities are now more than 90% faster over previous versions, even at 200,000 endpoints. With this latest release, your organization can run faster and, ultimately, secure your environment faster and more thoroughly.

Please see the release notes for additional details on these important enhancements.

iC3 2.2 is ready for upgrades and installs for the Azure, AWS, or on-prem options. Reach out to BeyondTrust Support to download today!