Endpoint security software firm Avecto has today announced a Mac version of its innovative Defendpoint software as it prepares to transform the OS X security market.

The announcement of Defendpoint for Mac will allow enterprises to finally gain the same level of security, control and usability that has been previously reserved for its Windows-based solution.

By drawing on Avecto's market-leading least privilege capabilities, organizations can finally achieve least privilege on their OS X devices. Taking this approach, all Mac users operate without admin rights and can still remain productive, while closing a security loophole that has made Macs an increasingly soft target for hackers.

Paul Kenyon, EVP at Avecto said: "It is naive to think that Macs are more secure than Windows devices as that is a totally false perception. With Macs becoming an increasingly popular choice in business, it is no longer possible to ignore the growing risk they present.

"In recent weeks we've seen growing evidence of Mac products becoming an increasing target for cyber criminals. The recent XCode Ghost Malware, where cyber criminals planted malware on Apple apps, is a prime example of why organizations need to stop treating Macs differently.

"Defendpoint for Mac is a huge step forward in enterprise security. It fills the gap and creates a level playing field with Windows, allowing IT departments to gain control of the growing number of Macs for the very first time."

Mark Austin, CEO at Avecto added: "We have developed a product that is truly ground-breaking and takes Mac security to a completely new level.

"Importantly, the experience on the Mac is seamless and intuitive, creating a balance between security and flexibility. The reaction from Avecto's customers throughout the demo phase has been incredibly positive and there is already a large amount of interest ahead of its general release in early 2016."

On Thursday October 15 2015, Mac security expert Patrick Wardle, will lead a live webinar session alongside Andrew Avanessian, VP at Avecto. The session will debunk myths surrounding Mac security, revealing challenges in securing the OS X environment and how prevention is finally possible with Defendpoint for Mac.