Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened…and remember that it’s going to happen again next year! The 5 Days of Bomgar featured a new theme this year that encompassed a variety of holiday celebrations. From Hanukkah on Monday, all the way through to New Year’s Day on Friday, we celebrated 5 different Winter Holidays in an effort to learn more about different cultures. 


Day 1:

When asked what 8 things they love about Bomgar (one for each night of Hanukkah), Jeremy S. got creative and spelled out HANUKKAH with his Bomgar faves:

Handles client security concerns

Adaptable landing page

New features being added

User friendly interface

Kool swag

Kollaboration and transfers

Awesome orange

Heck of a lot more

With is Kool usage of his K’s, Jeremy was one of our Day 1 winners! Congrats!

Day 2:

Brian B. sent us a picture of his sweet gaming set-up as we celebrated Winter Solstice on Day 2. We wanted to know how folks spent their long, dark, winter shifts and we got some great shots…


(Challenge Winner - Brian B.)

Day 3:

It’s obviously not the 5 Days of Bomgar without Christmas, so that’s why we celebrated it smack dab in the middle of the week. We had our Insiders re-write some Christmas Carols to include the things they like about Bomgar and Jason T won us over with laughter to his new version of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”:

“Jumpin' around the Facil-ity, whenever users say things stop.

Cords and cables and things unplugged, makes veins in my head go pop.

Jumpin' around the Facil-ity, phone handset won't stop its ring.

Taking remote screenshots of the stupid, ‘YES I CAN SEE YOUR SCREEN OH GOD DID YOU REALLY CLICK ON THAT THING!?!?!’”

Day 4:

The 12 Days of Christmas, and the corresponding Three Kings Day, was the holiday in the spotlight for Day 4, and that means lots of giving! One of the winners from day 4, Mark F., went off script and left us a great review on a brand-new review site called Finances Online. Other sites we sent our Insiders to included Spiceworks, G2 Crowd, and Capterra. Feel free to head over and check out some of the reviews our great advocates left!

Day 5:

Now for New Year’s Day. Ah the nostalgia we all feel for the year past and the sweet excitement for the year to come…anything could happen! We had our Insiders take a dive into a different kind of New Year though: Chinese New Year. We had them look up what year they fall into in the Chinese calendar and these are the results:

What a whirlwind 5 Days of Bomgar 2017 was! We just want to give a great big thanks to each and every one of our Insiders for playing this year, and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Happy Holidays and Happier Bomgaring!