Privileged Account Management &
Vulnerability Management Solutions

Our unified suite of Privileged Account Management and Vulnerability Management solutions delivers actionable security intelligence in context of your unique goals for IT risk reduction and regulatory compliance.

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Privileged Account Management & Vulnerability Management Solutions for Reducing Internal and External IT Risks

BeyondTrust solutions provide a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities that provide doors into an environment, as well as the privileges that present corridors to sensitive assets. This fusion of asset and user intelligence enables IT and security teams to collectively reduce risk across complex environments.

PowerBroker Privileged Account Management solutions enforce and audit access control policies, enabling IT teams to limit access to key systems, applications and data.

Retina Vulnerability Management solutions enable security teams to assess risk, measure breach likelihood, and make remediation recommendations.

The BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform unifies many of our privileged account management and vulnerability management solutions, providing IT and security teams a single, contextual lens through which to view user and asset risk.

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Privileged Account Management

Privileged Password Management

PowerBroker Password Safe

PowerBroker Password Safe automates enterprise password and session management, providing secure access control, auditing, alerting and recording for any privileged account – from local or domain shared administrator, to a user’s personal admin account (in the case of dual accounts), to service, operating system, network device, database (A2DB) and application (A2A) accounts – even to SSH keys, cloud and social media accounts.

Active Directory Bridging

PowerBroker Identity Services "AD Bridge"

PowerBroker Identity Services centralizes authentication for Unix, Linux and Mac environments by extending Microsoft Active Directory's Kerberos authentication and single sign-on capabilities to these platforms. By extending Group Policy to these non-Windows platforms PowerBroker provides centralized configuration management, reducing the risk and complexity of managing a heterogeneous environment.


PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

PowerBroker for Unix and Linux allows IT organizations to efficiently delegate Unix, Linux and Mac privileges and authorization without disclosing passwords for root or other accounts. Record all privileged sessions for audits, including keystroke information. Achieve privileged access control requirements without relying on native tools or sudo. The solution can also be combined with PowerBroker Identity Services to form PowerBroker Servers Enterprise.

PowerBroker for Mac

PowerBroker for Mac reduces the risk of privilege misuse by enabling standard users on Mac OS X to perform administrative tasks successfully without entering elevated credentials. With PowerBroker for Mac IT organizations simplify the enforcement of least-privilege policies, closing security gaps, improving operational efficiency and achieving compliance objectives faster.

PowerBroker for Windows

PowerBroker for Windows reduces the risk of privilege misuse on physical and virtual Microsoft Windows servers and desktops. By eliminating Windows administrator privileges, simplifying the enforcement of least-privilege policies, maintaining application access control, and logging privileged activities, IT closes security gaps, improves operational efficiency and achieves compliance objectives faster.

PowerBroker for Virtualization & Cloud

PowerBroker for Virtualization and Cloud provides protection from the inherent risks associated with users possessing highly-restricted system permissions within virtualized systems, data center and cloud environments.

PowerBroker Servers Enterprise

PowerBroker Servers Enterprise is a single solution for Linux and Unix server compliance. Integrate your open systems into your Active Directory environment, while replacing sudo in heavily regulated environments.

Auditing and Protection

PowerBroker Management Suite

The PowerBroker Management Suite provides centralized real-time change auditing for Active Directory, File Servers, Exchange, and SQL, offers the ability to restore Active Directory objects or attributes, and helps to establish and enforce entitlements across the Windows infrastructure. Through simpler administration, IT organizations can mitigate the risks of unwanted changes and better understand user activity to meet compliance requirements.

PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory

PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory

PowerBroker Auditor for Exchange

PowerBroker Auditor for File System

PowerBroker Auditor for SQL Server

PowerBroker Event Vault for Windows

PowerBroker Privilege Explorer for Active Directory
and File Systems

PowerBroker for Databases

PowerBroker for Databases lets database administrators and system architects effectively control privileged entitlements across their heterogeneous database systems, making those databases more secure and compliant.

Vulnerability Management


Retina CS

The leading vulnerability management solution for comprehensive, large-scale vulnerability assessment and remediation across diverse IT environments. Goes beyond vulnerability identification, delivering the in-context analytics and actionable reports you need to effectively communicate and reduce risk enterprise-wide.

Network Security Scanning

Retina Network Security Scanner

The security industry’s most well respected network security scanner. Identifies vulnerabilities introduced via missing patches, misconfigurations and conflicts with industry-standard best practices. Available as a standalone scanner and as the scan engine behind Retina CS.

Cloud-Based Vulnerability Assessment

BeyondSaaS Cloud-Based Scanning

An easy, affordable solution for network perimeter vulnerability scanning and web application security assessment. Meets PCI DSS vulnerability scanning requirements.

Web Security Scanning

Retina Web Security Scanner

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) for rapidly and accurately assessing complex web sites and web applications. Identifies all OWASP Top 10 web application security threats – and more.

Endpoint Protection

PowerBroker Endpoint Protection Platform

Multi-layered endpoint protection for Windows desktops and servers, in a single, lightweight client that replaces multiple security agents, protecting against known exploits, zero-day, and all other attack vectors.