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Unlock Powerful Synergies

Combine BeyondTrust Password Safe and Privileged Remote Access products to address the most expansive range of privileged account and session management (PASM) and vendor privileged access management (VPAM) use cases. Confidently secure access for people (employees, vendors, etc.), machines, applications, and infrastructure.

A Supercharged Bundle

Get a Single SKU at an Attractive, Combined Price

Realize immediate value with the ability to Discover, Onboard, Secure, and Connect to everything.

  • Ensure no privileged account goes unmanaged—human, machine, employee, or vendor
  • Inject credentials directly into sessions—never exposing them to the end user
  • Implement least privilege and zero trust access controls for remote employees and third-parties - no VPN
  • Empower workers to use any tool for connectivity—RDP, SSH, MS SQL (Agent or Agentless shell access), etc.
  • Protect against password reuse threats, account hijacking, remote access risks, lateral movement, and other common attack vectors

Best-in-Class Privileged Account & Session Management

Password Safe Privileged Remote Access
Automates privileged asset discovery & onboarding. Provides best-in-class session management across any OS, anywhere.
Manages privileged passwords, DevOps secrets, SSH keys, and more. Extends PAM best practices to remote workers and vendors.
Enables PAM orchestration via API access to credentials and integrations. Empowers DevOps with secure, one-click workflows to infrastructure.

How Customers Win with the Combined Solution

Oxford Properties Group implemented BeyondTrust Password Safe and Privileged Remote Access to enable zero trust access controls across multiple networks, including OT infrastructure.

Some benefits Oxford Properties achieved with the BeyondTrust solution:

  • Stored and managed privileged account credentials in a centralized vault that leverages a policy-based framework to minimize the risk of unauthorized access
  • Implemented a cloud-based management architecture platform to centralize remote access
  • Removed the overhead of managing a VPN for over 500 external, third parties, vendors, and remote privileged users
  • Automated the vendor onboarding process to reduce turnaround time and administrative overhead, while ensuring that no system is left unmanaged
  • Gained a comprehensive audit trail for monitoring and forensics

"This is the first time we have ever implemented a security product that made the end user’s job so much easier. Our building managers previously managed dozens of different credentials for staff and vendors. Password Safe centrally manages every credential, so they now have only one password for them, one password for vendors, and one password for their staff... With BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access solution, we can make sure that access to any part of our infrastructure is impossible unless we say so because we have centralized control of all the credentials needed to get access. We are able to enforce a policy of least privilege by giving just the right level of access needed for their role, plus the ability to schedule when vendors have access to which systems and for how long."

Curtis Jack, Manager of Technical Engineering, Oxford Properties Group