Enterprise-Scale Visibility and Audit Support for Employee Password Management

Workforce Passwords extends the power of BeyondTrust Password Safe, merging the best of user experience with robust enterprise-level security for business application passwords. This empowers organizations of any size to both protect their assets and operate efficiently — without introducing friction for end users.

Some capabilities of the Workforce Passwords feature are:

  • Personalized Security Folders: empower employees to securely manage their unique passwords from their browser, reducing risks associated with weak passwords, credential sharing, and exposure, ultimately enhancing organizational security.
  • Browser Extension for Fast Adoption: extend and seamlessly integrate with users' daily workflows, making password retrieval and injection effortless, and further promoting consistent password security and reducing reliance on insecure practices.
  • Comprehensive Audit Capabilities: leverage comprehensive audit capabilities, including the Entitlements Report, enabling timely detection of suspicious activities and providing a holistic view of password security for effective compliance reporting and enhanced organizational security.
  • Enforcement of Password Policy Compliance: enable enforcement of enterprise application password policies, ensuring uniform security coverage, regular updates, and the elimination of potential weak points to enhance overall security and reduce the risk of attacker exploitation.
  • Rapid Start, Instant Value: Experience rapid deployment and immediate value as users can easily onboard through familiar browser-based platforms, driving down risk across your enterprise.
  • Reduce Shadow IT Exposure & User Friction: help mitigate 'Shadow IT' exposure by providing real-time visibility into user application usage, enabling better control, monitoring, and potential integration of secure tools, all while reducing user friction and maintaining robust security.
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