This solution brief provides an overview of Privilege Management for Unix & Linux for a technical Linux audience. It includes an overview of the challenges that many organizations face with the Unix/Linux systems, how the solution is able to address those challenges, key features and benefits, use cases with architecture diagrams, and technical specifications.

Manage and control privileges with Privilege Management for Unix & Linux

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix & Linux is an enterprise-class, market-leading privilege management solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control privileges across their Unix and Linux systems and achieve zero trust.

With the largest install base in the market, our solution helps customers eliminate credential sharing, limit root access, and prevent and contain breaches without hindering productivity and without relying on sudo or custom tools. Robust auditing capabilities, including keystroke logging and session recording, along with centralized management, allow for streamlined compliance and protection.

Powerful Auditing for Simplified Compliance

Centralize the capture and management of event logging, including logs of privilege elevation events and full session recordings. Logs are securely stored in a protected, immutable format.

Fine-Grained Least Privilege

Allow for fine-grained, policy-based control of privilege elevations, eliminating the need for root sessions and sudo.

Script-Based & Dynamic Access Policy Controls

Provide limitless options for policy and integration with script-based policies. Dynamic access policies utilize factors such as time, day, and location to make intelligent privilege elevation decisions.

Remote System & Application Control

Enable users to run specific commands and conduct sessions remotely based on rules – without logging on as admin or root. Use of bastion hosts is fully supported, with the full input and output of all sessions recorded.

File & Policy Integrity Monitoring

Audit and report on changes to critical policies, systems, applications, and data files.

Centralized Management

Centralize the management of all policies, upgrades, updates, and deployments, including audit data and session recordings, for Unix and Linux servers and Linux desktops.

Integrations & Scalability

Leverage the REST API to facilitate task automation and seamless integration with various systems and tools, including SIEM, ITSM, and orchestration utilities. The architecture is designed to efficiently scale from a handful of systems to tens of thousands.

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