Gain Visibility & Control Over Privileged Credentials and Secrets

BeyondTrust Password Safe manages privileged passwords, DevOps secrets, SSH keys, and privileged sessions—all in a single unified solution. Password Safe enables organizations to achieve complete control and accountability over privileged accounts. Customers leverage Password Safe for:

  • Automated Credential Management: Automatically discover and onboard accounts; store and rotate privileged passwords and manage secrets, leveraging automation to eliminate manual steps.
  • Enhanced Session Management: Enable true dual control, allowing admins to record, lock, and document privileged activity without killing sessions or productivity.
  • Advanced Auditing & Forensics: Leverage extensive privilege and credential analytics to simplify compliance, benchmark tracking, and more.
  • Streamlined Employee Account Security: Extend enterprise-scale visibility and audit support to employee passwords, with the Workforce Passwords capability.

Download the datasheet to learn more.

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