Jump™ Clients for Remote Access

Access remote desktops, laptops, POS systems, kiosks and servers, even if no one is present to give you control. Jump Clients work regardless of network location.

Jump™ Technology Enables Secure Remote Access, Regardless of Network Location

Jump Clients let you control remote computers even when you don’t control the remote network.

Just install a Jump Client on each system you need to access. You’ll be able to control it wherever it goes.

With Jump Clients support reps can access the remote systems without requiring the person on the other end of the session to be technical.

Multi-Platform Remote Desktop Access, Even from Android and iOS Devices

Securely control remote desktops and servers from an iPad
Securely control remote desktops and servers from an iPad

Jump Clients can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, as well as Android phones and tablets. You can access them from any platform BeyondTrust supports.

So not only can the remote systems you're supporting be located anywhere, the support technicians can be, too.

Whether you’re offering support from a laptop, or from an Android or iOS device, you can stay productive while mobile.

Manage and Mass Deploy Jump Clients

Mass deploy Jump Clients
Mass deploy Jump Clients to remote computers

Jump Clients can be mass deployed to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops or servers. To help with finding and identifying computers later, you can add a group name and comments when you deploy them.

You can create a default installer. Or you can use mass deployment scripts to pull in variables from other sources to modify the Jump Client parameters during installation.

Integrated Remote Access for Your Systems Management Platform

Jump Clients enable remote access regardless of network location
Jump Clients enable remote access regardless of network location

Support organizations can improve service levels, centralize support processes and strengthen compliance by integrating BeyondTrust with their systems management platform.

Once integrated, BeyondTrust enables technicians to offer proactive system support to all your Jump Clients directly from your systems management tool.

BeyondTrust can be launched from the ticket or system record. At the end of the session, BeyondTrust updates the ticket with details from each BeyondTrust remote support session, including links to session recordings, file transfer details, work notes, system information and post-session survey results.

Use Schedules to Limit Jump Client Access to Specific Times

Define policies for Jump Clients
Define policies for Jump Clients

There are two options to restrict access to Jump Clients. First, administrators can use time schedules to control periodic access to Jump Clients. Access schedules dictate the windows of time representatives are allowed to access certain Jump Clients.

You can also allow reps to deploy Jump Clients that automatically uninstall after a defined period of time.

Using Jump Client access schedules can protect your client from interruption and help your support organization conform to customers’ support needs . Both schedules and automatic expiration can help satisfy PCI compliance or prevent business users from being interrupted during peak hours.

Wake-On-LAN Support for Jump Clients in a Network

Support organizations can save on power costs by turning computers off after hours. With BeyondTrust, powering systems on/off can be handled remotely with Wake-on-LAN (WOL) support.

With wake-on-LAN support, you can broadcast Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packets through another Jump Client on the same network. Use of wake-on-LAN depends on user permissions and may not be supported in all environments.

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) support lets you turn on remote computers

Share Jump Clients Across Support Teams

Share access to remote computers
Share access to remote computers

For scenarios in which multiple groups need to access the same group of desktops, you can share a team’s Jump Clients across support teams and Embassies.

Your group policies determine how members of each team can interact with the remote computer.

Sharing Jump Clients allows you to give both internal reps and vendors access to the same system without complicating team structures.

Use Endpoints to Define How Sessions Begin

When you use Jump Clients to access servers and backend systems, you want to launch right into remote control. No one is present on the other end of a server for you to interrupt. But when you access remote desktops, you may want to display a prompt in case an end-user is present.

Support Session Policies let you define how a session begins based on the endpoint being supported.

With policies at the Jump Client level, you can choose to display a prompt if the remote desktop is one at which an end-user may be present. If the endpoint is a server, you can set the session policy up with no prompt.

Once Connected, Powerful Tools Are at Your Fingertips

When you connect to a remote desktop or server, BeyondTrust puts powerful tools at your disposal. Tools include:

  • Command shell
  • File Transfer
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Privacy screen
  • Reboot
  • Registry editor
  • Scripts
  • Special actions
  • System information
  • UAC elevation

Plus, you can control multiple systems simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Jump Clients are Part of Our Patented Jump Technology

With Jump Technology, customers can access computers, servers and network devices any time 24/7. What makes up Jump Technology?

Jump Client

Access thousands of remote desktops and servers no matter where they are or what operating system they run.


Access almost any system on a remote network without a pre-installed client.

Jump Zone Proxy

A secure proxy lets you access remote computers on isolated networks without exposing them to the internet.

Shell Jump

Support switches, routers and other network devices to secure, auditable SSH/Telnet functionality.

Embedded RDP

Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol securely across networks without VPN tunnels or open listening ports.

Intel® vPro™ Technology

Use Intel vPro Technology to power a remote pc on/off, reboot to BIOS, reimage a remote computer and access remote desktops regardless of operating system state.

Jump Technology is one of the ways BeyondTrust satisfies the needs of multiple support groups and scenarios.

Report on Remote Access Sessions

BeyondTrust's logging and recording capabilities capture extensive detail about sessions performed through Jump Clients. These reports give administrators critical visibility into support activity.

Reports include IP information, system information, files transferred, chat transcripts, and many other details about the support session. BeyondTrust can even create video recordings of support sessions.