Replace RDP, VNC, and Other Remote Desktop Tools

When it comes to empowering your IT organization, nothing beats BeyondTrust Remote Support. BeyondTrust's solution simplifies desktop support, and enables IT admins to resolve issues more quickly, improves productivity and end-user satisfaction. Plus, Remote Support integrates with your ITSM, help desk, and ticketing solutions.

End users can initiate support requests from your support portal, Windows applications, or BeyondTrust Buttons. You can also control of remote desktops to start support. And our patented Jump Technology is state-of-the-art for server and IT infrastructure maintenance.

Remote Support Features

Remote Access & Control
Provide quick remote assistance to any desktop, server, or mobile device. Anytime, anywhere.
Efficiency & Scalability
Manage attended and unattended access across thousands of systems. Grow securely with automation capabilities.
Comprehensive Integrations
Integrate with your trusted CRM, ITSM, SIEM, and password tools. Or, use our open AI to create your own.

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  • Support Windows, Mac, Chrome, & Linux with no pre-installed client
  • Support iOS and Android devices with screen sharing and remote control
  • Connect in seconds to any remote system or device, on or off network

Natively, Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol has no centralized management, limited identity management integration, no auditing or reporting, and no collaboration capabilities.

In addition, RDP is designed for remote access on a local area network (LAN). Establishing remote desktop connections to computers on remote networks usually requires VPN tunneling, port-forwarding, and firewall configurations that compromise security - such as opening the default listening port, TCP 3389.

Fortunately, BeyondTrust lets you eliminate these problems with RDP. Routing RDP through BeyondTrust brings all the appliance-based security benefits of BeyondTrust to each remote desktop connection and gives you new options for collaboration.

BeyondTrust works over the internet and through firewalls with no pre-installed client on the remote computer. Integrating remote desktop brings BeyondTrust’s streamlined connection process to RDP - which makes connecting to Windows systems on remote network both easier and more secure.

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access Solutions

Turbocharge your service desk to support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, network devices, and peripherals with one, secure tool.
Secure, manage, and audit vendor,third-party, and employee remote privileged access without a VPN.
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