BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management to discover, manage, and audit access to privileged-credentials activity. The solution enables control over privileged accounts, applications, SSH keys, cloud admin accounts, RPA, and more, with a searchable audit trail that simplifies compliance and forensics.

  1. Reduce Security Risks: Safeguard access to privileged credentials, SSH keys, and secrets, while maintaining full control over system and application access.
  2. Minimize Operational Complexity: Dynamic policies, smart rules, and adaptive access control features minimize complexity and reduce administrative overhead.
  3. Accelerate Time-to-Value: Password Safe’s simplified SaaS deployment (Azure) coupled with auto-discovery capabilities and smart rules quickly enhance security posture.
  4. Secure Store and Audit DevOps Secrets: Control access to secrets used in DevOps tools and CI/CD processes in a fully auditable environment.
  5. Secure Business App Passwords: Quickly secure non-SSO business application passwords, preserving productivity with auto-filling capabilities.
  6. Meet Regulatory Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements with secure audit trails and detailed compliance reporting.

Password Safe’s simplified SaaS deployment and onboarding processes mean faster time to value. The solution also comes with robust disaster-recovery and redundancy measures, ensuring high availability and business continuity for UAE customers, even in the event of localized disruptions or outages.

Try Identity Security Insights, free for 30 days with Password Safe SaaS deployment

Identity Security Insights aggregates identity data from your environment, utilizing AI-powered detection capabilities, smart recommendations, and comprehensive visualization of all identities.

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