Exciting news! As a Leader in the Intelligent Identity & Access Security, BeyondTrust is proud to announce the launch of Password Safe Cloud, our Privileged Password and Session Management solution, now hosted locally in the United Arab Emirates.

A part of our Privileged Access Management portfolio, Password Safe manages privileged passwords, accounts, keys, secrets and sessions for people and machines, and secure non-privileged employee passwords for business applications.

SaaS-based Password Safe offering brings a game-changing opportunity for organizations in the Middle East region to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses by offering the full functionality of our product, delivered seamlessly as a service.

This initiative aims at helping our customers lower deployment and operational costs, without compromising on security or capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions that meet the evolving cybersecurity requirements of our customers while aligning with the UAE’s digital sovereignty.

"As organizations embrace digital transformation, the need for easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy products becomes essential. With hosting now available in the UAE, Password Safe Cloud provides an effortless SaaS deployment option designed to address critical business needs, enhance security, reduce costs, and simplify management" - John Hathaway, Regional Vice President for META, BeyondTrust.

Our team is here to support you in securing your organization and shaping your cybersecurity future. If you're interested in learning more about Password Safe Cloud, including integrations, pricing, or deployment details, then book your personalised demo now!

Optimized ROI
Leverage best-practice cybersecurity controls, cost-effectively.
Lower deployment and operational costs
Deploy with less upfront investment. Let CyberSec teams focus on their core competencies.
Up and running quickly
Get up and running in days, instead of weeks. Be protected quicker than ever.
Full set of features
Benefit from the same functionalities, but delivered as a service.
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