Just-in-time (JIT) privileged access management (PAM) is a strategy that aligns real-time requests for usage of privileged accounts directly with entitlements, workflow, and appropriate access policies. Companies use this strategy to secure privileged accounts from the flaws of continuous, always-on access by enforcing time based restrictions based on behavioral and contextual parameters.

In the Gartner report, Reduce Risk Through a Just-in-Time Approach to PAM report, analysts reveal the relationship between privileged access and security risks — including the ever-present dangers presented by standing privileges, which are always-on.

Key topics covered in this report include:

  • The role of administrative privileges in security risks, both as a result of mistakes and malicious action.
  • How personal privileged accounts can leave organizations exposed to unnecessary risk
  • Where security, risk, and identity and access management (IAM) leaders should concentrate least privilege efforts

In addition, you'll gain recommendations for how to properly implement the principle of least privilege, and methods to more effectively mitigate the risks posed by standing privileged access with Just-in-Time PAM.

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Gartner, Reduce Risk Through a Just-in-Time Approach to PAM 19 October 2023, James Hoover Et Al.

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