Free PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool (DART)

Users, accounts and assets with admin, root and other privileged access pose the biggest threats to your critical data. Take the first step toward stopping privilege-related breaches with PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool (DART).

Take a few minutes to try Privilege DART, and zero-in on privileged accounts, passwords and SSH keys today. Please complete the form below, and we will email you a Privilege DART download link and 30-day access code. Microsoft .Net 4.5 or later required.

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Please check your email for a Privilege DART download link and 30-day activation code. If you do not receive the email within 10 minutes, first check your spam folder and then contact us.

If you requested a 1:1 demo, you will be contacted by a BeyondTrust representative shortly.

After trying Privilege DART, be sure to check out PowerBroker Password Safe for automated password and privileged session management. Password Safe enables secure access control, auditing, alerting and recording for all privileged accounts. Free trials are available here.

Learn more about BeyondTrust and to get the latest news on privileged access management:

PowerBroker Privileged Discovery and Reporting Tool

About Privilege DART

Privilege DART is a free tool that reveals elevated privileges on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix systems throughout your organization.

  • Find and profile all user and local accounts; SSH keys; and Windows and Linux groups
  • Identify privileged passwords, including default and hard-coded passwords
  • Assess password age and other key indicators of risk
  • Analyze credential, account and asset metrics
  • Generate customizable reports on accounts, keys and systems exposed to risk

A non-intrusive executable that does not require installation, Privilege DART does not affect target system performance and keeps your privilege data completely private.