Identity Security Insights Tenant Console Administration

The Identity Security Insights Tenant console provides the majority of views into your connected applications and services.

Identity Security Insights supports "direct linking" from all available pages, including filtered and sorted results, via the page URL. Authorized users are asked to log in before being directed to the linked page.

Access Your Tenant Dashboard

The Insights welcome page, with access to your tenants and user invites.

Once logged in, your Tenant dashboard can be accessed from the main welcome screen by clicking the name of any existing tenant.

You can also access the existing tenants by clicking the name of your organization in the top navigation, and then selecting your tenant from the dropdown menu.

Tenant Dashboard Views

The Tenant dashboard is divided into a series of summarized views, granting you at-a-glance insights into your connected identities, accounts, and generated reports.


The overview page for an individual tenant.

The console Overview provides a summary of your connectors, accounts, and associated entitlements.

  • Connectors represent third- and first-party integrations from which Insights generates summaries and reports.
  • Total Accounts displays all linked identities found by your active connectors.
  • Privileged Accounts and Accounts with Key Entitlements display connected identities with high-level or administrative privileges, or accounts with membership in security groups or roles known to represent exploitable privileges.
  • Dormant Accounts contains a list of all accounts which have not logged in for over three months, and have not rotated their password in over a year.


For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Connector Administration.


The Identities summary displays color-coded risk assessments, displayed by importance and potential privilege, for connected accounts.

For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Identities Dashboard.


The Detections tile summarizes potentially compromised identities. Examples of detections surfaced by Insights include suspicious login failures, missing multi-factor authentication, and stale or dormant accounts.

For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Detections Dashboard.

Key Entitlements

Key Entitlements grant accounts a higher level of access or privilege. The Key Entitlements dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of elevated entitlements granted to your associated accounts and identities, allowing you to monitor and assess administrative roles, excess permissions, and more.

For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Entitlements Dashboard.


Identity Security Insights provides Recommendations for security health and remediation based on automatic detections. Recommendations are organized by importance and severity. Addressing critical and high importance recommendations greatly improves your security posture.

For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Recommendations Dashboard.