Identity Security Insights Identities Dashboard


The Identities overview page.

The Identities dashboard provides a view into all accounts and identities associated with your connected applications and services.

This dashboard displays accounts ranked by Privilege. Privilege is further broken down into Highest, High, Moderate, Low, None, and Undetermined, based on each identity's administration and access capabilities

An identity's privilege can represent direct administration access, or indirect or shadow access. Shadow administrators might have role or group permissions elevating their privilege, or otherwise possess powerful entitlements or objects potentially outside the scope of their role.

The Detections tab ranks the risk among linked identities according to possible severity. The Recommendations tab allows you to see what critical resolutions are available to mediate risk.

Search and Filter

The identities list allows searching and filtering based on a number of parameters, including text-based name and email searching, as well as filtering by privilege determination. Identities can also be filtered by number of associated accounts, number of entitlements, number of detections, and number of recommendations.

Searching and filter results are displayed instantly, allowing you to easily narrow down your list of identities to only those required. Columns can be shown or hidden using checkboxes by clicking the Columns button.

Identity Details

Clicking any user in the Identities dashboard displays a detailed report of that identity's accounts, roles, permissions, and more. Viewing an identity at the details level enables you to see an individual user's potential levels of access and risk and quickly assess mediation based on security recommendations.

The primary summaries display the identity's associated privileged and unprivileged accounts and key entitlements, which represent elevated permissions. Individual detections and recommendations are also available.

The Identity Details page for an individual identity.


The Accounts tab in the identity details report displays all the accounts Insights uncovers that are associated to the identity. This tab shows the account source, or connected product or service, as well as the related account name.

For each source, you can also view the account's status (active or inactive), as well as the entitlements and detections.

Roles and Permissions

The Roles and Permissions tabs allow you at-a-glance access to the identity's roles or permissions by source, enabling you to quickly identify areas of potential risk or elevated privilege.


The detections associated with an individual identity.

Identity Detections are available to identify the individual risk assessed by Identity Security Insights. Clicking any individual detection displays detailed results, enabling you to understand both the risk and its importance or severity.


For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Detections Dashboard.


Identity Recommendations provide research-backed suggestions for resolving any potential risk vectors with associated accounts.

For more information, please see Identity Security Insights Recommendations Dashboard.