Today’s tech support teams are tasked with supporting a wide range of people and devices around the clock. This often requires technicians to provide support and access remote systems while on the go and away from their primary desktop or workstation.

Bomgar's Web Representative Console lets you start a remote support session from any web browser on any computer, allowing you to immediately begin diagnosing and fixing issues from any location. The Bomgar Web Rep Console is the first remote support console built entirely on HTML5 technology. It offers all of the core remote support features you need in an easy and convenient package:

With no download or plugins required, support reps can provide support from any computer. The Web Rep Console also makes it easy to collaborate with someone who doesn’t normally have access to Bomgar. While in a remote support session, you can send a rep invite email to anyone to securely join the session from their web browser – no download required. This is especially useful when consulting real-time with experts outside of your organization that may restrict client downloads. With one click, they can instantly see what you see and help resolve the issue.

The Bomgar Web Representative Console is the fastest, most secure way to support your employees and customers while on the go. Check out this short video for a closer look!