Last week BeyondTrust's CTO, Marc Maiffret, took us through an introduction, demo and Q&A of Retina Network Security Scanner Unlimited. Retina Network Security Scanner is the fastest, most mature vulnerability assessment solution on the market, and is now available for only $1,200 per year. Features available in Retina Network Security Scanner Unlimited include:
  • Unlimited IP scanning
  • Web, database & virtual application scanning
  • PCI DSS scanning and reporting
  • SCADA scanning
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Scheduled scans
  • Web-based tech support
The webinar was extremely successful and included tons of questions asked during the live webcast. Marc wasn't able to answer all of them during the Q&A time we had allotted so he took the liberty to answer them here. You can also access the webcast recording below. If you have additional questions about Retina Network Security Scanner Unlimited please comment below and we will get to your questions in a timely manner. If you're ready, buy Retina Unlimited for $1,200 now! Q&A: Q: Can this be used for application security scans? A: Yes, Retina Unlimited can be used for application security scans including both web and database applications and many more. Q: Can you output scan results to an SIEM, specifically Splunk Enterprise Security? A: Yes, we do support a long list of SIEM vendors including the ability to output to Splunk. Q: Do you have templates and guides for HIPAA and/or NIST guidelines? A: Yes, we support both HIPAA and NIST reporting. Q: Does BeyondTrust have a log aggregate? I see event routing, could it be used like a log aggregator? A: Yes, but only in our enterprise Retina CS offering which can aggregate Windows Event logs. Q: Is nmap being used under the hood for discovery? What would you say are some of the differentiators between Retina and other solutions from Qualys or Rapid7? A: Only the nmap OS fingerprint database is being used currently. The scan engine itself is completely written by us for speed and performance. Q: Is the program hosted or on premise base? A: It is a software based installation that you can deploy wherever you like. Q: Are scan restrictions only a global setting? A: Scan restrictions can be set per job or globally. Q: To get the examples shown, is any credential required when doing the scanning? A: The example reports and data that were being shown were run with credentials scans but a lot of the information can still be obtained without credentials. You only need credentials for things like enumerating patches and such which are only possible via credentials. Q: We currently have a Retina CS appliance. Where would this product help us, or is this something that would replace our appliance? A: If you have Retina CS for vulnerability management then you already have Retina Network. The only case you would not have Retina Network is if you were using Retina CS for Privilege Management and NOT vulnerability management. Q: Do you support Web App scanning? A: Correct, we do support web application scanning. Q: What is included in this scanner that is not included in the community scanner? A: You can get a full listing of differences from the website here: Q: Will the product track changes in the security state of a device over time? Would be nice to be able to report on vulnerabilities addressed over time. A: We do not currently support report deltas in Retina Unlimited but we do in our enterprise product Retina CS. Q: Would like to see scanning against network equipment -- firewalls, switches, routers -- possible in this product? A: Yes, we absolutely support scanning against network/switches/firewalls and any other IP network based device. Convinced? Buy Retina Unlimited for $1,200 now!