BeyondTrust has just launched version 19.2 of our Privileged Remote Access solution, which provides visibility and control over third-party vendor access and internal remote access, but without compromising on security. Privileged Remote Access allows users to automate vendor or 3rd party vendor provisioning/de-provisioning, while adding a layer of advanced credential security and fine-grained access management, in one leading PAM solution.

The latest release includes a number of enhancements and new, market-leading capabilities that improve security, productivity, and the end user experience.

Here’s a brief round-up of what’s new with the release of version 19.2:

Vault Enhancements

Our Privileged Remote Access and credential management tool can be delivered via the cloud, managed and hosted by BeyondTrust. Managing credentials in the cloud can make managing privileged access easier and more cost-effective for businesses. Our cloud-native solution is able to manage over 5,000 windows credentials and can store up to 10,000.

Privileged remote access comes with a cloud-native password management solution to enable the user to inject credentials directly into the access session; the user never needs to know or see the credential, they just need access to an endpoint. Once used, the credential can either be kept as is or rotated immediately, in line with your security policies. This latest release enables admins to automate the rotation of local account credentials, improving scalability and security.

Redesign & Update of Login (Administrative Interface)

We have re-branded and refreshed our login UI to improve the user experience by making it lighter, faster, and easier to use. To better streamline the user workflow, we have cleaned up some visual elements, layouts, and basic functionalities so users can be more productive, efficient, and get to their most-used features faster. As always, we continue to listen to our customer’s feedback and we have more design updates coming later this year.

Web Jump Injection Configuration

With this latest release, users and admins can now configure how and where credential injection happens during a Web Jump Session, which improves efficiency and productivity. In the Properties section of a Web Jump Item, users can define fields to ensure the injection is targeting the specific login fields on the target web site. Additionally, users now have the option to perform credential injection with a standard pass-through, or just the username.


BeyondTrust secure remote appliances offer a centralized platform for access control and session management. BeyondTrust helps you keep sensitive data behind your own firewall, under the trusted security measures you already have in place. Our cloud virtual, and physical appliances models help enterprise organizations address regulatory and security requirements. We offer four deployment options for privileged remote access:

  • On-premise
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Hybrid (a combination of all)

The new features and enhancements with version 19.2 broaden what’s already possible with BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access, helping you control, manage, and audit vendor and internal remote privileged access.

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