No matter the size or industry, data breaches are on the rise. According to The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report breaches affecting small businesses, as well as industries like hospitality, and healthcare all grew at an alarming rate. In healthcare, for example, insider threats involving privilege abuse represented 74% of reported cases. By now, I think everyone can agree that one of the simplest ways to protect your organization from an attack is to get control over all credentials and to pay special attention to privileged credential management. But if you’re like most IT organizations, you’ve also been tasked to do more with your existing budget and resources, so spending wisely and on solutions that scale is key. If you are relying on manual methods to manage privileged accounts or have a legacy privileged password management solution in place, or, if your rollout never seemed to get past ‘phase 1’— BeyondTrust can help. When it comes to IT security, factors like cost, complexity, and extended deployment times can become a drag on a team who’s already juggling multiple IT systems and projects. To help you focus on your organization’s top priorities, we’ve created a use cases guide which identifies the top challenges that our customers face and outlines how they use BeyondTrust solutions to help. Everything from straightforward use cases – like simple storing of credentials – to more complex ones like enabling third party access via a secure enclave. Each use case explains how BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe customers have utilized privileged password and session management to achieve complete visibility and control over all accounts. With PowerBroker Password Safe, all of the privileged password management and privileged session management capabilities are included – making it easier for you to quickly deploy the solution throughout your enterprise. With Password safe, you can:
  • Secure and automate the process of discovering, managing and cycling privileged account passwords and SSH keys
  • Control how people, services, applications and scripts access credentials
  • Auto-login users onto RDP and SSH sessions, without revealing the passwords
  • Record all user and administrator activity in a comprehensive audit trail
  • Alert in real-time as passwords are released and privileged session activity is started
To learn more about how PowerBroker Password Safe can help you get privileged access under control, download “A Technical Solutions Guide for Privileged Password and Session Management Use Cases”. get the guide