A Technical Solutions Guide for Privileged Password and Session Management Use Cases

About this White Paper

Discover Scenarios and Solutions for Privileged Password Management

Many IT organizations use shared accounts for users, administrators, or applications so that when access is needed to do their jobs, everyone can easily pitch in. However, in even the smallest environments, the practice of using shared accounts imposes security risk.

Since 63% of all confirmed data breaches happen as a result of weak, stolen, or misused credentials (source: 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report), getting control of your enterprise passwords is critical to reducing data breach risk.

When it comes to preventing privilege credential misuse, we’ve helped customers do it all – everything from straight forward use cases – like simple storing of credentials – to more complex ones, like enabling third party access via a secure enclave. In this guide, we help your team identify and prioritize the critical use cases for privileged password and privileged session management across your environment, and explore how PowerBroker Password Safe can help you meet your needs.