When people have their data stolen, 34% still do not change their passwords.

T-Systems Cyber Security Report

Don't leave this to chance; make sure you implement a privileged access management solution that your users will love. Security is fundamental, but adoption is key. Make it much easier with a system that lets users do their jobs faster and easier than they do today, but also supporting the mobility that is expected from a millennial.

For quick look at shoring up your organisation’s security, check out this infographic on the Six Steps to Secure Access. 

Photograph of Karl Lankford

Karl Lankford, Director, Solutions Engineering

Karl Lankford is the Director, Solutions Engineering, for BeyondTrust and has worked at BeyondTrust for 4 years. He has acquired a wide-range of security experience and knowledge working with companies during the last 10 years across multiple industries and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.