The Force was with our Insiders...

Some of you may have heard about the galactic battle to end all galactic battles that we hosted on the Bomgar Insider before Thanksgiving, but in case you didn’t, here’s a play by play of the action and a celebration of The Victors!

Choosing their sides…

First, Insiders were introduced to the war waging across the universe and invited to choose if they wanted to battle it out as a member of the Light Side or Dark Side. Final counts showed that about 65% of the players were all for peace and chose the Light Side, while the others had a knack for destruction and chose the Dark Side.

Let the battle commence!

As the players moved through the story, they encountered a new “17.1 Weapon” that they could learn to control (hint: It was the new Bomgar Remote Support 17.1 Upgrade!). It was soon revealed that this new weapon would be the deciding factor in the war. They faced many tasks where they teamed up to answer quizzes about the “Weapon’s” features and how to beef up its security specs.

Most importantly, players on both sides had to retain their new-found education about the “Weapon” and engage head-to-head in lightsaber battles against the other side! 3 battles and only 1 winning team….who was it?!

The Victors

Each team had a primary point earner. They came in each day and completed every Battle Challenge to the best of their ability in order to become Lord Bomgar and Jedi Master Bomgar. These high point earners won their very own Bomgar Orange Lightsabers! Congrats to our winners:

And while each side fought valiantly, only one side could win….The Light Side! They won both the first and last Lightsaber Battles to clench the win in the last moment. Peace has come back to the Universe and all is in balance, thanks to the new Bomgar Remote Support 17.1!

Thanks to all who participated, and we are looking forward to seeing you next month for our annual Holiday contest, The 5 Days of Bomgar!

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