Credential injection is the “magic key” feature that that will make your IT and service desks more productive. Instead of manually looking up and typing in shared account passwords, admins and reps can seamlessly access privileged accounts with one click of the Key icon, right in the Bomgar console.  Users love how easy it is to use – ditch the sticky notes forever!

Credential injection is a built-in feature of Bomgar’s Remote Support and Privileged Access products, and can be activated when integrated with Bomgar Vault or even the third-party password management solution your organization is already using. Users simply select from a list of credentials that have privileges on the systems they’re approved to access, and Vault does the rest of the work by seamlessly logging in - without exposing the plain text password.

No other secure access products on the market offer credential injection like Bomgar does. Watch how easy it is:

Credential injection works with many types of accounts including Windows Domain Accounts, Local Windows Accounts, SQL, Oracle, Linux and more.

To learn more about how to get credential injection for your organization, contact us today.