As mentioned in a blog post earlier this week, industry expert Nick Cavalancia, joined us for a live webinar -- Privileged Passwords: Preserving and Protecting in the Face of Peril. The webinar is available now, here's a quick summary:

Elevated privileges are a necessary part of IT. After all, you simply cannot do your job without them. But we are also working at a time in our industry where insider threats, spear phishing attacks, data theft, and compliance breaches are equally a reality for the organization, making it critical for IT to keep close tabs on the very keys to your organization: privileged passwords.

With both internal and external threats to the organization at an all time high, should IT be doing more than just maintaining privileged passwords? In this webinar, Nick Cavalancia, founder of Techvangelism, discusses the changing state of industry security, how current trends impact privileged accounts and their passwords, and what steps IT should be taking to ensure only those who should have access, do.