Auditing stinks. Well, mostly stinks. In this on demand webinar, lead by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz, you’ll learn the three key tenets to real Group Policy auditing.

Tenet 1: Why do you care about Group Policy auditing? Tenet 2: How does Eventing help you know “Who did what?” Tenet 3: How does Reporting tell you "What happened”? Once you’ve got these three tenets handled, you’re on your way to lighten up the BASS, and turn auditing from stinky, to downright pleasant. Remember: It’s all about that BASS, because Auditing Stinks Sometimes. But it doesn’t have to. BeyondTrust's PowerBroker Management Suite allows you to audit and roll back changes in Active Directory, File Servers, Exchange, SQL and NetApp in real-time; establish and enforce entitlements across the Windows infrastructure; and achieve compliance requirements in less time than with native tools.