Are cyberattacks keeping you up at night? The concerns of a security breach probably weigh heavy on your mind day and night as big and small companies continue to fall prey to cyberattacks. There is a software commonly used by many businesses that has become an attractive target to hackers. Which software? You guessed it, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). According to FBI and DHS, RDP attacks have been on the rise since 2016, with attackers using an open RDP port to take over machines and inject various types of malware into the system being remotely accessed.

For years, free tools have been utilized for remote access and remote support, which now do not measure up to today’s security standards. Today there is a higher demand for more sophisticated remote access solutions that allow IT organizations to provide more efficient and secure support; and, with each cyber breach, security is becoming more of a priority. Free and basic remote access tools are not as secure as enterprise-grade solutions. Additionally, these tools have very limited use cases that often don’t meet the needs of today’s highly networked and technology-dependent companies. There are typically no granular permission setting options, firewall settings are weakened, and there is no ability to log or record remote support sessions.

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Solutions Designed with Security at the Forefront

Bomgar’s Remote Support solution allows organizations to improve security and productivity with a product that is easy to use and enables role-based access to specific systems. Admins can define sessions parameters, such as access time frames, required approvals, and permitted features to maintain control of access. Many technology professionals select Bomgar Remote Support because security is a top priority.

Support technicians take comfort in knowing they are using a secure solution, and one that works every time. Increase your security posture and let Bomgar help ease your mind so you can finally catch some ZZZs.

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