April 8th 2014 is the day that Microsoft will stop providing standard support for its legacy XP operating system.

Paul Kenyon, co-founder and EVP global sales at Avecto commented:

"Today is the day that many organisations have been putting to the back of their minds, but those still running XP are now seriously at risk.

"It's not the case that suddenly all XP users will immediately suffer security issues, but an operating system with zero security support is effectively a sitting duck - an easy target for hackers and malware.

"Negotiating a bespoke support contract is costly, as highlighted by the UK government's costly extension, and it's nothing more than a sticking plaster.

"Those businesses that haven't started to migrate to a newer operating system need to make plans immediately - it can't be a case of 'if', but 'when'. In the meantime, they should ensure they minimise risk by removing admin rights from all users to limit the damage of any potential security breach."

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