Leveraging technology partnerships to drive customer value

New and sophisticated security threats and cyber attacks such as zero-days, “phishing”, and advanced persistent threats are plaguing organizations the world over, directly impacting:

  • The security of proprietary data, intellectual property and confidential third-party information
  • The ability to remain compliant with industry regulations and compliance mandates
  • Your organizational reputation
  • Revenue

Given that an organization’s valuable data is stored on an endpoint, and is where the malware “payload” executes, there has been a significant re-emergence and increased focus on endpoint security solutions. A variety of innovative, “next gen” security solutions have emerged to help companies address these challenges and prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.

Despite these ongoing innovations, organizations, more often than not, are unable to realize the complete value and potential of these solutions – the barriers to success lying in their inability to quickly and successfully operationalize these security solutions, and gain intelligent understanding of their security threats given the myriad of siloed security technologies and systems.

The Avecto and Intel Security partnership addresses these gaps. Avecto is a Security Innovation Alliance partner of Intel Security and Avecto’s Defendpoint security software is a multi-layered endpoint prevention engine that stops advanced threats. Defendpoint offers the three core capabilities of privilege management, application control and content isolation, and helps stop all new and unknown threats before they take hold.

Defendpoint McAfee ePO edition provides organizations full lifecycle management of Defendpoint from within the McAfee ePO console, including Defendpoint client deployment, policy management, and reporting. Through this integration, customers gain increased operational efficiency, visibility, and are able to strengthen protection.

Recently, Avecto announced the integration of Defendpoint with Intel Security’s McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) via the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL). This latest integration allows application reputation data to be used to drive configuration changes and make risk-based policy adjustments powered by third party data. It allows organizations to draw on all the available intelligence giving them the best chance of identifying the known good and bad, to proactively stop threats before they cause any damage.

You can learn more about the Avecto and Intel Security partnership at http://learn.avecto.com/intel-and-avecto. Here you will find a recording of a recent Forrester webinar hosted jointly by Avecto and Intel Security highlighting the six pillars of an effective endpoint security strategy.