... there will be some consolidation within the next year, particularly with overlapping remote access products ...

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Compare LogMeIn's product line to Bomgar

Need a LogMeIn Alternative?

LogMeIn vs. Bomgar - Some Key Differences

If you’re not sure if now is the time to switch to Remote Support, consider these facts:

Difference #1: Flexible Deployment and Pricing

We offer multiple ways to deploy remote access and support, from our Secure Cloud to your own Private Cloud to On-Premises options. Our secure access architecture will provide you with peace of mind no matter which option you choose. And with prices starting at only $49 per month we have a remote support solution that’s perfect for you.

Difference #2: Better Features, All Included

Not only do we support the most platforms, provide the most ways to initiate a remote session, have excellent mobile support tools, but it’s all included in your license price. Even remote camera sharing. Don’t pay extra for the remote support features critical to your business. You could pay separate licensing fees to cobble together LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile, Boldchat, and Rescue Lens. Or you could just use Remote Support, which includes chat and InSight video support, making it the only remote support tool you’ll ever need.

Difference #3: 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Our customers really like us. They like the solutions we provide and the support they receive. We’ve got incredibly high customer retention and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. If you’re a LogMeIn or GoTo customer, and you don’t feel that way about LogMeIn, we’d love to talk. If you’re looking for a solution for remote support, privileged access, or password management, AND you want to really like the next company you do business with, we’d enjoy talking to you, too.

Thanks for reading. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

Remote Support

Privileged Access

For Remote Support ...

Compare LogMeIn Rescue and GoToAssist to Remote Support.

Remote Support is the choice of the top service and support organizations in the world. Plus, it offers more deployment options than either GoToAssist or LogMeIn Rescue.

For Live Video Support ...

Compare LogMeIn Rescue Lens and GoToAssist SeeIt with InSight, a feature of Remote Support.

InSight lets you use the remote mobile phone camera to see anything your customer sees. GoToAssist Seeit and Lens by Rescue cost extra. But InSight is included in Remote Support.

For Secure Remote Access ...

Compare LogMeIn Pro and Central or GoToMyPC to Privileged Access.

Access remote computers and servers 24/7 with Privileged Access. Unlike GoToMyPC or LogMeIn Pro, Privileged Access is designed specifically for IT professionals and remote IT service providers.

For Live Chat Support ...

Compare Bold Chat to the chat capabilities in Remote Support.

Robust chat support capabilities are included in ever license of Remote Support. Boldchat is designed for ecommerce websites. Our Chat is designed for support. Go from chatting to screen sharing in seconds.

For Online Meetings ...

Compare Join.me, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar with the presentation feature of Remote Support.

Remote Support includes and easy-to-use presentation feature. Show your screen to multiple attendees and do online training. It’s not a robust online meeting product like GoToMeeting, but it works for many situations.