Worried about BASH Shellshock? Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management can scan your environment to identify applications affected by Shellshock. BeyondTrust has generated several Retina vulnerability audits to help our customers identify the various permutations of applications affected by Shellshock. The BeyondInsight Analytics and Reporting engine, included with Retina CS, makes it simple to view and sort all audits. Below is a screenshot showing some of the Shellshock-related audits currently available in Retina CS. shellshock-beyondinsight You can easily drill down to specific date ranges, keywords, risk levels, and many other criteria. In addition, you can subscribe to any standard or customized audit view and receive email alerts whenever relevant audits are added to Retina CS. Keep in mind that access to the audit viewer is role-based, so you’ll need appropriate permissions to see it.