I am pleased to announce the availability today of Retina Network Security Scanner version 6.4. Below is a brief overview of what’s new in the release, but please be sure to read the new features PDF for much more detail on what these new capabilities mean to you. IPv6 Support Retina Network version 6.4 now features complete vulnerability and configuration scanning across IPv4 and IPv6 networks. In addition to the engine support, the Retina UI has also been enhanced to enable easy entry and management of IPv6 addresses. Customers have the option to enter IPv6 addresses in the same way they are accustomed to managing IPv4 addresses, via single IPs, ranges, or CIDR blocks. Retina supports any of these IPv6 formats:
  • IPv6 Address – A single IPv6 address (“fd30:0000:0000:0001:ff4e:003e:0009:000e”).
  • IPv6 Range – A range of IPv6 addresses (“fd30:0000:0000:0001:ff4e:003e:0009:000e- fd30:0000:0000:0001:ff4e:003e:0009:1000”).
  • IPv6 CIDR Notation – An IPv6 CIDR block (“fd30:0000:0000:0001:ff4e:003e:0009:000e/120”).
Enter Scan Targets with Ease Retina 6.4 makes entering scan targets even easier via its new “Single-use” target type. The Single-use target type, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, can be used to quickly enter scan targets for ad-hoc scans. Targets can be entered as IP address, IP ranges, CIDR, named host or a combination of any of those types. It also supports entering target exclusions by simply entering an exclamation point “!” at the beginning or the address. For example: This new capability provides real-time feedback as targets are entered, including the total number of IPs that have been requested and notification of any invalid entries. In the screenshot above, note the invalid “” entry. As well, version 6.4 features performance improvements and addition SCAP benchmark support. As a current customer, these new capabilities are available to you immediately. Please be sure to review What's New document for more information. Any questions about this release? Let me know – I’m happy to help!