With over 40,000 people in attendance from healthcare organizations and vendors from around the world, HIMMS is the largest IT event in the healthcare industry.

As personal data continues to be the number one target of malicious activity, Bomgar focused on listening to the concerns of many healthcare IT leaders and understanding their concerns around privileged users both inside and outside their organizations. In the words of one leader, “Our job is to ensure we can provide patient care without patients having to worry about the backend IT systems,” which he stated is becoming more difficult as the healthcare industry continues to be a bigger target for hackers. What was keeping a lot of folks we talked to up at night? Securing the vendors and outsiders that have been given temporary access to their systems.

Bomgar’s ability to discover, store, randomize, and inject credentials for insiders and vendors, while also providing a single secure pathway to access these systems, was an eye opener for many of those that visited our booth.

Our recent acquisition of Lieberman (which includes the RED Identity Management solution) drew many folks to our booth asking how this type of product could help their business. Many were excited to hear that Bomgar’s combination of privileged access and credential management can be a game changer when it comes to securing their environment and allowing them to focus more on patient care.

 To wrap up the experience, I’ll talk a bit about the presentation by Sam Elliott, Bomgar’s Director of Security Management. Sam’s session, the “Four Pitfalls of Privilege”, outlined some of the common challenges healthcare organizations face, and how to address and overcome them. In case you weren’t at the show, check out this on-demand recording of Sam’s presentation!