We’re barely three months into 2017, yet the news of new data breaches shows no sign of slowing down. Regardless of the size of your organization, the threats are real. We wrote about the increase in small business hacks last year, a trend that Fortune Magazine highlighted in a report about security risks in smaller financial institutions. Preventing attacks and protecting your organization’s sensitive data can be a daunting project. To help you get started, we’ve developed an infographic, which outlines five steps you can take to reduce the risk of external attacks and privileged threats:
  1. Understanding the Threat Potential: External Attacks and Privileged Accounts Application
  2. Responding to the Threat Potential
  3. Envisioning the Threat Potential: Discovering your Vulnerabilities
  4. Managing the Threat Potential: Managing Enterprise Passwords and Vulnerabilities
  5. Monitoring the Threat Potential: Watching Privileged Account Behavior and Threat Analytics
Use the infographic as a quick reference tool to map out your plan for your organization, or to explain your privileged access management project to non-technical project stakeholders. For a more in-depth view, check out the eBook, which focuses on the problems associated with external attacks and the resulting assault on privileged accounts, providing guidance in how to control the potential threat to your data, applications, and systems by walking you through each of the five key steps. BeyondTrust provides enterprise password management solutions to address the critical aspects of cybersecurity and allows a centralized view rarely seen in the industry today. If you would like to see a demo of any of these capabilities, contact us today.

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