This Saturday marks the favorite holiday of pranksters everywhere: April Fool’s. It’s not just funny individuals who participate—many companies use the occasion to showcase their light-hearted side with bogus product launches or similar stunts.

A few years ago, Bomgar got in on the action with the launch of the Bomgar Sphere. This represented a giant step outside of the box for the company and ushered in a new era—and shape—of remote support. The Sphere enabled help desk reps to revolutionize everything:


We had a great time planning the launch of the Bomgar Sphere, and our customers and partners enjoyed some laughs as well. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a phony product that promises to be the best thing ever?!

With that in mind, we looked at what some other companies have done to mark April Fool’s. Below is list of just a few of our favorites:

Has your company staged a fake launch on April 1st? Or have you fallen victim to believing a new product was real? Be on your toes and keep your eyes peeled in the coming days!