It’s year seven of the Bomgar NCAA March Madness Bracket and there’s a shiny new bunch of our customers in the running to win it all. With over 930 Bomgar customers in the higher education industry, we think it’s our year for the Bomgar Bracket to get it right and hit the top spot. Our chances seem good, but we’d love to see what you think. Take a look at our strategy for building out the Bomgar Bracket:

  1. If one team is a Bomgar customer and the other team isn’t, the Bomgar customer wins.
  2. If both teams are Bomgar customers, then one with Orange in their team colors wins.
  3. If both teams are Bomgar customers, and neither or both have orange in their team colors, the oldest customer wins.
  4. If neither team is a Bomgar customer, and neither have orange in their team colors, the school that is located farthest from where we were founded (Orange Central!) in Jackson, Mississippi, heads to the next round.

Congratulations to the University of Texas, way to rep that orange!

You had some tough competition in the Final Four with Texas A&M nipping at your heels…good thing you had Longhorn Orange on your side or you might not have made it! The good news is, Syracuse had nothing on you in the Championship with your 2-year head start with Bomgar. In the spirit of the madness, we’ve got more fun in store! Join us on the Bomgar Insider for our March Madness experience, starting on Monday, March 19th