It’s an exciting day at Bomgar. Today we’re announcing the acquisition of Avecto, a global leader in endpoint privilege management. For 10 years now Avecto has delivered innovative solutions in a rapidly growing segment of cybersecurity. Avecto’s technology is the perfect complement to Bomgar’s existing privileged access management (PAM) solutions.

Bomgar and Avecto are also an ideal cultural match, with a customer-first mentality and commitment to partners. Both companies have a long list of highly-satisfied customers who depend upon our technology to defend them against some of the most common types of cyber threats.

Today’s organizations are subject to continuous cyberattacks. These attacks seek to exploit unsecured privileged accounts so that intruders and malicious insiders can gain the access they need to get into critical systems and extract sensitive data. At Bomgar we’re dedicated to helping our customers resolve the serious security threat posed by unmanaged privileged accounts.

A Comprehensive Privileged Access Management Solution Portfolio

The award-winning Privileged Identity and Privileged Access components of our PAM product portfolio secure privileged accounts and credentials, while also defending the remote access pathways abused by attackers. And now, the addition of Avecto adds another layer of defense at the endpoint. With Avecto’s endpoint privileged management technology, Bomgar customers can remove excess admin rights throughout their organizations, and only elevate privileges for approved applications and actions.

Besides defending against cyberattacks and insider abuse, Bomgar also helps customers streamline their PAM implementations through a single vendor. The scope and complexity of PAM deployments continues to increase. But now organizations can come to Bomgar for a complete privileged identity and access management solution. This includes market-leading technology in privileged account auto-discovery, continuous credential rotation, privileged session management, privileged elevation and delegation, and privileged access auditing.

When it comes to addressing a wide variety of use cases related to privileged account security threats, no other vendor in the high-growth PAM industry offers more features and functionality than Bomgar. But we’re not resting. We’ll continue to innovate and deliver even more value in our quest to offer the market’s best-in-class PAM solution suite.

We’re moving rapidly to complete a full integration between the two companies. Our combined customers and partners can expect to start seeing benefits very soon. We’ll keep you posted on developments as the integration progresses. We’re only getting started.

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