Vulnerability Management (VM) is an essential IT security practice that enterprises undertake to prioritize and address cyber risks. Security professionals understand that most breaches occur through the exploitation of some software vulnerabilities, therefore, reducing the attack surface by understanding the risk and addressing these vulnerabilities strengthens their security posture.

Achieving distinction in a crowded field of contenders is a difficult task, but BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management has garnered a 5-star rating from the SC Labs Expert Team. The accolade highlights BeyondTrust's market-leading solution to the vulnerability management problem; which provides security professionals with vulnerability assessment and risk analysis in context. The BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management solution enables teams to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across network, web, cloud, and virtual infrastructures to reduce risk.

BeyondTrust's Enterprise Vulnerability Management offers myriad benefits that help organizations to navigate the modern vulnerability landscape with confidence and operate more securely. With the BeyondTrust solution, enterprise security teams can address every phase of vulnerability management - from assessment to remediation - eliminating the need for multiple tools. Thousands of organizations rely on BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management to:

  • Scan, identify, and assess vulnerabilities across all device types, including IoT, and reduce the risks from gaps
  • Prioritize remediation by using heat maps that highlight vulnerabilities that have exploits, or that can be exploited remotely and without privilege
  • Measure the impact of remediation efforts
  • Deliver reporting and analytics to multiple stakeholders, helping them to prioritize risk and speed resolution by providing clear information, in context
  • Understand compliance status by mapping vulnerabilities directly to regulatory frameworks and standards
  • Identify outliers and risky assets, and discover malware and "non-reputable" software that puts their environment at risk
  • Enhance user productivity by automatically rotating privileged scan credentials
  • Further reduce risk by checking asset vulnerability scores before granting users privileged access

In addition to the 5-star rating, in a separate write-up, SC Labs has called out the BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management solution as “Pick of the Litter” and also given it “SC Labs Best Buy” designation for "combining its modular price structure that can be tailored to any size environment with an optional hardware appliance also offered at a competitive price."

Lastly, one of BeyondTrust’s strongest differentiators is that we are the only analyst-recognized leader in both privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM)—and these solutions are integrated within one, all-powerful, unparalleled risk reduction platform.

BeyondTrust provides integrated privileged access management and vulnerability solutions within one extensible platform. You can purchase each solution individually, or implement multiple solutions to unlock powerful risk reduction synergies.

By integrating VM and PAM, organizations can benefit from more holistic threat analytics and also make smarter privilege elevation decisions—such as restricting application privilege elevation or access when a known vulnerability is present, or a potential compromise has occurred.

BeyondTrust is thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the Vulnerability Management space by the SC Labs Expert Team. To learn how you can improve your IT security and risk management with BeyondTrust VM and/or PAM solutions, contact us today.

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