Remote access security continues to be the Achilles heel of security for organizations worldwide. Attackers can exploit inadequately secured remote access pathways used by employees or third-party vendors. Often, the increased risks commonly associated with enabling remote access makes organizations hesitant to embrace new technologies, thereby stifling corporate growth opportunities and innovation.

However, BeyondTrust’s Secure Remote Support solution—the only remote support solution with FIPS 140-2 validation—remains in a class all of its own, enabling organizations to leverage powerful, flexible capabilities, while enjoying industry-best protection.

One customer reaping the rewards of BeyondTrust Remote Support is leading European IT company, Bechtle. Headquartered in Germany, and with over 10,000 employees around the world, Bechtle offers a complete portfolio of IT infrastructure and IT operations products and services to more than 70,000 public sector and financial services customers.

Bechtle’s Remote Support Needs

According to Markus Sigle, IT Service Specialist at Bechtle AG, “Before BeyondTrust, Bechtle AG used various remote support tools that the team was not completely satisfied with. We lacked integration with our company ITSM solution, ServiceNow.”

In all, there were five key areas which Bechtle wanted to integrate and/or significantly enhance:

  1. Maintain full control over all data paths
  2. Ensure sensitive remote support protocol remain within the organization
  3. Refrain from giving unmonitored, unsecured system access to third parties
  4. Increase the overall effectiveness of Bechtle IT helpdesk staff
  5. Provide more detailed tickets – such as chat logs and annotations—at the end of each session

How BeyondTrust Remote Support Improved Security & Productivity for Becthle

Regardless of platform and operating system, BeyondTrust Remote Support enables you to control all remote computers and devices inside and outside the corporate network. The following were key factors driving Bechtle’s move to BeyondTrust Remote Support:

  • Security and privacy: BeyondTrust gives support teams quick access to desktops and IT systems--without having to reveal their credentials and passwords in plain language. In addition, integrating BeyondTrust Privileged Access complements and controls access to privileged user accounts to protect mission-critical IT systems.
  • Mobile support: BeyondTrust allows help desk and IT departments to provide instant remote support to mobile device users. BeyondTrust supports Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  • ServiceNow integration: BeyondTrust provides integrated remote support, secure chat, and automated polls for ServiceNow.
  • Support across multiple systems and devices: With BeyondTrust, the Bechtle IT team can achieve reliable remote support for end users and customers using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or any other operating system on their own network or beyond.

Due to the success of the technical integration and the positive experience with the professional services team, Bechtle gradually expanded the BeyondTrust installation. BeyondTrust has helped to ensure that the legally required data protection mandates are met and all technologies are aligned to the highest security requirements.

Since BeyondTrust Remote Support covers an unsurpassed breadth and depth of use cases, many organizations—such as Becthle—find that they can consolidate to one tool. This has benefits both in terms of reducing administrative inefficiencies and licensing costs, and in improving security by eliminating remote access tool sprawl, and blacklisting other remote access tools—which are often planted by threat actors to launch attacks (such as to a vendor or a customer).

You can read the complete Bechtle case study here. To learn how you can securely access and support any device, anywhere with BeyondTrust Remote Support, contact us today.