In his recently published article on SITS Insight, Bomgar’s William Culbert discusses how organisations facing increasing budget pressures and ‘do more with less’ must still deliver a high level of service whilst protecting the business. CIOs are looking for tools and utilities that are easy to implement and adopt to drive improvements and efficiencies, but they must also deliver the protection their organisations need.

In his piece, William discusses that an area where this can potentially have a big impact is in the realm of remote access within the service desk. The service desk’s key focus is on providing great customer service and delivering high first call resolution rates and therefore need the right tools and role-based access to achieve this.

However, considering the right role-based access and wider security implications is a critical component in selecting a remote access solution, which is all too often overlooked when striving to deliver a great service to the business and can lead to potentially dangerous cybersecurity shortcuts.

So how can service desks ensure increased security measures don’t impact the service delivered to the business?

Utilising functionality that allows for the seamless injection of admin credentials into privileged systems eliminates the risk of passwords being written down and compromised. ‘One-click’ credential injection can also enhance service desk productivity by removing the additional steps increased security processes can impose with agents having to find a password and check them in and out of password vaults.

For more information on how the service desk can balance delivering a great service and the highest levels of security, read the full article on SITS Insight.